Psy-Q: We know you’ve increased your teletherapy sessions since the start of the pandemic, but is there a way to up your telemedicine skillset as well?


Yes, a group of clinicians has put together several checklists of evidence-based best practices for making the most out of your “webside manner.” Designed to help mental health professionals feel confident about using telepsychiatry, the guidelines also include updated regulatory guidelines for the US, UK, and Singapore. The authors note that clinicians often report a lack of knowledge and training in telepsychiatry techniques, but despite feeling unprepared to integrate it, had to adjust quickly because of the restrictions that COVID-19 put on in-person care. With this in mind, they developed these guidelines as a helpful resource. Short, practical checklists can help you review best practices with ideas to apply before, during, and after a consultation, such as confirming who you’re speaking with, who else might be in the room, and emergency management plans. Another checklist deals with special situations pertaining to older adults and children and adolescents. These open-access guidelines are regularly updated, and you can view each checklist in the Results section of the article.

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Last Updated: May 7, 2021