Psy-Q: How can co-screening for ADHD and insomnia help with diagnosis and long-term quality of life?


“It’s important to understand what may be driving the symptoms one experiences that is causing dysfunction” in the life of an ADHD or insomnia patient, E. Elise Herman, MD, told Psycom Pro. Dr. Herman is a practicing psychiatrist at MindPath Care Centers in North Carolina; she was not involved in the ADHD and insomnia study described above. “Having difficulty concentrating, such as can occur with insomnia or ADHD, could also be caused by many other disorders (such as anxiety or depression) and using screening tools, as well as a complete psychiatric interview, can help tease out what may be driving this problem and/or if someone has more than one co-occurring disorder,” she explained.

For clinicians, she adds, this also means understanding what is happening in the biology of one’s body as well as what might be contributing from a psychosocial standpoint. Dr. Herman suggests that clinicians access the Adult Self-Report Scale, which was used by the study authors, to screen their own patients. More in our weekly roundup on the links between ADHD and sleep.

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Last Updated: Jun 15, 2021