Why I Take Breaks

by Paula A. Madrid, PsyD

So, I’m working from home and I do have a child in virtual school. What helps me is to take a break in between activities. I always have 10 to 15 minutes in between every single thing I do so that I can check in with my kid so that I can go outside and look at the garden.

I have decorating magazines that I keep with me all time that I love. Just looking at something aesthetically beautiful helps me.

I’ve also started to take French lessons. It’s amazing. It just takes me to a different world. It makes me happy that I’m doing something for myself and I’m pretty proud of it. And so I think these things together increase my self-esteem and satisfaction with my life. And they make me a better therapist.

More with Dr. Madrid on vicarious trauma in therapists. Plus: how to use mindfulness to decrease work stress.

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